nish jewels in Istanbul

Nish Jewels By Orogiada
We decided to transform our knowledge of jewelry accumulated over 22 years to design. We embarked on a journey to design sportive jewelry, along with our Yusuf Şimşekçaktı and our designer team. We created a 450-piece special collection. We have created bracelets with the fused method using 24-carat gold, for the first time in the world.
We have used natural stones,princess cut diamonds, rubies, sapphires, tsavorites, spinels, pink sapphires, tourmalines, radolites, topaz, garnets, 24-carat gold and 925-carat silver in our designs.
Our principle is to renew ourselvs constantly in the modern world, and to ensure the continuation of your awareness and quality.
Best Regards
By Orogiada

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